Water Damage Tips

Water damage is a very common issue in homes, and mostly occurs due to different, unexpected situations such as broken pipes, leaky washing machines and dishwashers, floods, damaged roofs, and hurricanes. Water damage restoration due to severe damage can be expensive unless the homeowner has flood insurance. Let’s talk about how you can fix water damage at early stages to prevent mold growth and severe property damage.


The first step is to run the dehumidifier within 24 hours of flooding, this is very essential to prevent the mold growth. Water damage to the walls is a serious concern, which usually needs the removal as well as the replacement of the drywall. However, the wall cavity should be aired out before the replacement of drywall. After the de-humidification, the replacement procedure can be followed. Using the same old drywall sheets is potentially risky due tot he fact that mold spores will spread swiftly which are already developed on the old drywall sheets. Keep in mind that mold can be dangerous if inhaled.

Fixing Damage to Upholstery and Carpet
Using a water extraction vacuum is recommended for upholstery and carpeting water damage. Run the extraction vacuum to eliminate the water, and then use fans to completely dry the upholstery and carpet. If the water has been reached the ceiling, then the tiles should be removed to resolve the water damage. The area should be dried to prevent mold growth. After this, new insulation materials and ceiling tiles can be installed.

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors need a different cleaning to resolve water damage. First, you need to remove the water from the floor with an extraction vacuum and then the floor should be dried completely with the help of a fan as well as mild heat. You can scrub the floor with a floor detergent or use a bit of floor bleach to restore its natural appearance. Use fresh water only as it is ideal to prevent water spots. Floor polish can also be used, if desired.

Wood Furniture
To prevent warping as well as to the dry wood furniture, you can use a heat fan. Lemon oil is a good option to smooth the wood. Keep in mind that only a mild damage can be restored with a heat fan. For more severe damage, you might need a professional help. Professional water damage restoration companies are experts in fixing almost every kind of water damage.

Bottom Line
Above mentioned tips will not work if the damage is severe. A professional help is very much required to control as well as to prevent the property damage. Water damage due to a flood or hurricane requires a professional help. Contact a water damage restoration company in emergency situations.

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