Here’s Why You Should Attend Local Houston Movers

so how does that happen Imean it sounds like from what I’mhearing from you is that they came toyou and and it all happened prettyquickly but the whole notion of sellinga company is a complex onereduce it down for us and what it’s likeyeah do good was interesting so I’lltalk about do good in ecatel Otomo piataso do good we are running the thingwake up every morning we put put thegood.

Deeds in we make sure the communityis happy we answer some emails we’rejuniors at time all of a sudden we get aemail from like I think the CEO of tonicthis company and he’s like hey I reallylike what you guys are doing like I’minterested in talking about acquiringthe assets like we should chat got in aSkype call with him had a series ofbasically two or three Skype calls wherethings were feeling good.

And then theysent over their offer and you knowultimately in the realm of startup Xit’s like really really small but forjuniors were like this is this isawesome this is hugebut I was smart enough to call up amentor of mine Mark Weiser who’s aventure capitalist in town I’m like markwould I do about this offer he’s likejust just ask him that you need twiceand I was like well how do I justifyhe’s like I’ll just just make it up justlike tell them that you need twice so wedid that we’d return the email beinglike.

You know this does not work for uswe’re gonna need double this numberhere’s our spreadsheet of bullshit onlike why this is justified literally itsdick I should have liked to find it andbe able to display it was ridiculous butand the reason we’re able do that isbecause like I guess we had we werewilling to walk away.

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